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Strong, confident, curious

Knowledge, with just a sprinkle of fun...

Ann Sprinkle

Audiobook Narrator 
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Available for bookings with Tantor Media, AHAB Talent, Simon & Schuster, Curated Audio, Deyan Audio, Lantern Audio, Podium Audio, Dreamscape Media, Audible, Mosaic Audio, ACX, and MORE! 

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Audiobook Samples


Have questions about how to support your child's gender identity? 

Self-help_Non-Fiction - Psychology
00:00 / 02:51

How do you fulfill your dream of starting your own business?

00:00 / 03:23

How do our daily interactions change the way our bodies feel?

NonFictionEducation, Self-Improvement, Neuroscience, Behavior
00:00 / 02:08


How do you escape when there seems like there is no way out?

Mystery_Thriller-F_F_M Dialogue
00:00 / 04:50

Will things ever change?

3rd Person_Historical Fiction_Ann SprinkleF_F_M Dialogue
00:00 / 04:46

Wanna make a bet?

Romance_F_M Dialogue_AnnSprinkleRomance - M/F characters
00:00 / 04:44

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Ann Sprinkle on several audiobook projects. I found her to be efficient, effective, and versatile.  

At my specifications, her voice characters for my work ranged from childlike to mature and  assertive. Other work required sensitivity or humor. She was never disappointing.  

Once Ann accepted a project, she worked diligently to complete it on time and was often ahead  of schedule. In today's lackadaisical era, that was very helpful and refreshing.  

Her equipment is top of the line. We passed the audiobook review project the first time, every  time.  

If you are considering Ann Sprinkle for a project, I highly recommend her to produce  audiobooks and other voice work."

Chariss K. Walker, Author & Publisher 

Ann's Home Studio Includes:

PreSonus Revelator io24 USB-C Audio Interface

Audio-Technica Cardioid Condenser Microphone AT2020

Studio One DAW and RX8 Editing Software

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