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Ann Sprinkle


Born in the Midwest to a large, musical family, Ann was classically trained in voice before moving out West to receive her Master’s degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. While a professional singer, she also worked many odd jobs, one of which landed her in the world of medical education. She later became a Speech Language Pathologist and discovered audiobooks through her curious nature and love of science and true stories. With 40 books recorded thus far, her favorite genre is non-fiction, because “truth is stranger than fiction!” After several unexplained experiences, and being saved by her husband from drowning on their honeymoon, she has learned that life is unpredictable, weird, and wonderful.

In addition to audiobook narration, Ann is also the owner and founder of Viable Voice & Speech, LLC. She provides voice and speech therapy services, including gender affirming voice services, professional speaking and coaching services, accent modification/English pronunciation services, and more to clients in Nevada and California. More information is available at

When she's not working, she enjoys exploring trails with her scrappy hiking buddy (a rescue dog named Bear), yoga, learning about neuroscience and the mysteries of the world, and venturing to new places. 


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My hiking buddy, Bear 

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